by Candace Navarrete

by Candace Navarrete

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday, Oct 26

Well the show is over and WHEW, I almost did'nt make it..LOL .It was only an hour and a half from home..and my Daughter and I left at 5am.. I was going to leave at 4:45 ..But at 4:30am the electricity went out, here at the house :) I was already ready to go, but I had to hold the flashlight on my daughter so she could finish putting on her make-up...So we head out on our way to Claremont..We get almost there (about another 10 miles) , we're on the Freeway and a I hear a "Pop"..I'm thinking OMG I hope that wasn't what I'm thinking it was..Well hell, it was :)...A flat tire..So I get off the Freeway and a couple blocks down the Road I pull into a gas station..I call AAA..and they tell me my membership has expired, which I new it hadn't..and of course, Membership Services wasn't opened yet, so Roadside Assitance could'nt help me..:)..The Gas station couldnt help me it was to early..(A whole nother story)..and the guy tells me there's a Good Year Tire place a block down the road..So I drive there, very, very slowly so I don't damage the rim. Ok so it's now 7am..If I'm not at the show by 8:30 to drive in and unload..I'll be locked out :)..The Tire place doesnt open till 7:30..LOL..I get on my Cell again with Auto Club..and finaly get that straightened out..and now it's 7:20..They tell me someone will be there in a half hour or less (Yeah Right)..Now you must realize my daughter & I are kinda dressed up :)...We try ourselfs to jack up the truck with one of those little funky jacks..not working..We try to get the spare tire out from the underneath, not working..and both are hands a dirty & greasy :).....At 7:40 the guys who run the Good Year Tire place pull up..The guy asks me what's wrong and I tell him explaining I HAVE to be at the show BEFORE 8:30....and I know we looked desperate & frustrated..LOL..Well this guy said he had to open the doors & get the shop ready and he'd fix it for me..Well He did fix and did'nt charge me anything!!! Can you believe that!..I gave him a few bucks anyway and we were on our way at 8:10 (Auto Club never did show up)..We pull into the show at 8:20..LOL, a dear Friend was waiting and he helped my daughter & I unload..put the poles up and helped Michelle, while I went to park (2 blocks away)..LOL
I never put together my booth so fast in all my life, and I've been doing show's for 27 years!
I am happy to report after all that, the Show was well worth it and I was quite happy with my Sales...LOL


alteredpastimes said...

Wow, Deja vu! Glad to hear you are alright and had a good show. It's nice to know that there are great people out there willing to help out. Take Care.

HowlingMoonDesigns said...

LOL :)..Deja vu to the "good ole days" in an old yellow Ford pick up :)..Thanks Linda!

Lance said...

congrats on the show!

I've been down that road with the tire; it's no fun. Glad to here you made it home in one piece though.

HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Thanks Lance :)...Hey..Do you do shows there in Texas?..Sometime you & your Girlfriend should pack it up and come out here to Cali to do one :)..

Ragtree said...

Oh my gosh! What a nightmare! You couldn't even make a story THAT bad up!

I'm so glad it was worth it! I was I could have came and shopped at your booth! I love your work!

Renee :)

HowlingMoonDesigns said...

LOL Renee..No, I could'nt..LOL
Thank you so much on the kind words!

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