by Candace Navarrete

by Candace Navarrete

Saturday, January 31, 2009

I need to Know..LOL

If it's just me..or do other people do this to..I can turn the simplest projects into the longest tasks! My brain just does not compute " Simple" or "Easy". If there's a really hard way of doing something..That's the way I'll do it. An example is in the below post about the WIP..I mention getting the angle of his arm right..Well, after spending 2 hours doing it the HARD way..I finally figured out a much simpler idea :)..I do this with EVERYTHING and EVERY aspect of my life. Those that know me really well will agree with what i'm saying. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times and hours I can spend on task..only to tell myself " Well Duh, this other way would have been simpler"..:)
Maybe I need some serious Therapy! Surely..I cannot be the only one out there with this problem..(ok, I can hope, can't I?)


Here's a Leprechaun, Tipping his hat, that I've been working on.
He's about ready for sanding and painting..I need to get the angle of his raised arm right still..ughhh
I am back at work now..I need to go full steam ahead, and have ordered a few supplies.
like clay..LOL

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just a Note

I am still in Colorado with my Son,his Wife and my beautiful little Grandson..It's early and my Son left for work..Momma & baby are sleeping :)..What a joy this is for me, to be here..It alredy makes me teary eyed just thinking about having to leave next week.
I will have to pour myself into working when I get back keep my mind busy, til I adjust to being so far away from my Grandson.
Here's somethig really cool..and I'm thrilled..LOL..EHAG has accepted me into their Group!
I feel very proud & Honored! I can't wait to get some new Halloween creations going!
Well, that's it for now..I will post a pic of the Baby later, after I ask the kids first, if they mind :)
Have a AWESOME Day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

" Man in the Moon"

Here is another Offering I have on " A Time for Primitives" this month.
He is 12" Tall. I have sculpted his face from Paper Clay.. He is attached
to a dowel which is attached to a wood base. I used some of that Wonderful Glass Glitter that Annie of "" is selling on her website " Glitter your World". It shimmers so beautiful when the light hits it. ..OK, so I'm like a kid when it comes to shiney things..LOL

Thursday, January 1, 2009

NOW on "A Time for Primitives"

Well I just HAD to do a pink & black Skellie..LOL
She stands a tad over 12" tall. She is clay and I have attached her to a wood base.
Around her neck is black tulle and pink feathers..
Her Price is : $38 which includes FREE Shipping!