by Candace Navarrete

by Candace Navarrete

Saturday, August 29, 2009

"Spider Witches"

OK we all know a gal or 2 we could give that name to :),
but I did not have anyone in particular in mind
when I created these 2 pieces..Sculpted in clay these 2 are the Queens !
Notice 1 is rather sweet looking, and the other has fangs, think
I'd trust the fanged one more..LOL
Not sure where I will be offering them yet, but probably

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Work :)

"Grimm Future"..The Skeleton Keeper
On eBay this evening

"Bad Moon Rising"
Ehag " Harvest Moon Howl" Challenge
on eBay this evening..user name:
HowlingMoonDesigns , or click on the

New pieces for 'Arts a Flutter Sept 1st update!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

" It's Good to be Queen"...LOL

Good Morning all! I am still around..Just working my buns off getting ready for my 2 Fall shows, Ebay and 'Arts a Flutter update..I have lots of new things in the works that I can't wait to show you all..I think it's my best work ever!
I have been excepted into the eBay group "Artistic Halloween Queens Unite" (or AHQU)..This is a fun group who also produces some awesome work, and am very proud to become a "Queen"!
Thanks so much for allowing me into the "Castle"!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Newest Offering on Ebay

Here is my latest creation..Her name is "Madame Sarafina" and she is a very old Witch!
Madame is one of my gourdhead dolls. I attached paper mache to the gourd and sculpted her face. I chose the paper mache rather paper clay to give her a nice vintage look and feel. When I went to add hair to her head, none of what I tried looked right to me..So I painted her hair on..and I'm very happy with the look.
Her dress bodice is Velvet and the skirt is a spider web print cotton.
Madame accessories are a couple pieces of vintage jewelry, a vintage key,
a Vintage Halloween Noise Maker that works :), a small cat/pumpkin gourd (her pet) and Grandpa (the skeleton) chained and pinned to her arm..(he passed quite some time ago)..
Madame Sarafina will be available on Ebay at 5pm ,California time!
My Ebay user name is: HowlingMoonDesigns

Friday, August 7, 2009

"Harvest Moon Howl"..EHAG August Challenge

Ok..with a Challenge name like could I not participate?!
The above are my 2 pieces so far..the Challenge runs all month :)..
I'm sort of a Creative Roll right now, and it's a long time coming..
So no telling how many pieces ol' Howling Moon here, will get done!
The top pictures is the " Harvest Howl Trio"..Not a great shot of the winking cat up top..but there's a good pic on my auction.
The bottom pic is " Harvest Moon". I've used black mica flakes on his hat..and copper german glass glitter.

Click on the pictures to view the auctions!