by Candace Navarrete

by Candace Navarrete

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Goodbye Michael and Farrah...

Like most, I was shocked and very saddened by MJ's passing. You guys know my age and from the time I was 15 on, I grew up with him, my kids grew up with him. I have always loved his Music..and always loved watching his performances...No one can and ever will have those moves!
When "Billy Jean" came out my son was around 2 yrs old, still in diapers, and was one of those kids that was dancing as soon as he could stand up :)....Well he LOVED MJ and loved to watch Break dancers..Whenever any of MJ's song were played my son would drop to the floor and start spinning. It did not matter if we were at home, in the Mall or at the Market! Our Family has many fond memories that revolve around Michael and his Music. I hope he can rest in Peace from the cruelties of the world. I also hope in Remembrance we can all celebrate his music and the joy that it brought.
When "Charlies Angels" came out (the series)..I was a Hairdresser :)...If I had a nickel for every person that sat in my chair and wanted their hair like Farrah Fawcett, I'd be rich! I could cut those feathers with my eyes closed, and even now, still could!
Farrah fought a long hard battle and did so graciously.
For me the passing of these two people, have touched my heart..and I am saddened

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Awesome Award!

Michelle of " Studio at Crow Haven Farm" gave me this very cool Award! Thank You very much Michelle!

The Rules...The Mental Duck to Mental Swan Award is given to two amazing groups of bloggers:
1. To Bloggers who encourage and nurture others bloggers to explore and grow in their creative, spiritual or mental lives.

2.To Bloggers who are blooming and growing creatively, spiritually or mentally in their lives & sharing it on their blogs
I can think of MANY bloggers I would like to give this Award to, and I'm having a hard time picking just a few..and many don't have time to respond to Awards..But here goes!
"Designs by CK"...Chris is a Wonderful Person!
"Monkey Cat Studios"..Laurie is Awesome!
"Altered Pastimes"......Linda is ALWAYS there for her needy friend!
"Crescent Hill Designs"...Lance is one of the Nicest People I've met online!
If you guys are to busy to post your Awards..I understand! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Time Marches On...and My Grandma

Why is it that the older we get the faster time slips away? When you're a kid, a day seems like a lifetime, like it will never end. Yet at almost 55 I go to bed and wonder where the last 24 hours went, and the worst part is I have nothing to show for the lost time!
Yes, you guessed it, I'm in a creative slump again..I've managed to sketch a few things out, and I am slowly working on my EHAG "Tombstone" project..LOL
I am planning a Surprise Birthday Party for my Grandma's 90th Birthday on July 2nd. My siblings will all be here (1Brother & 3 Sisters)...All of whom are neat freaks...I am not..LOL
So all I can think about is getting my house in shape and our pool ready. Of course the pool pump broke just before we went on Vacation to CO..When we came back the pool was a beautiful shade of green, so working on that to get it crystal clear (which I've not yet achieved) has been all consuming, for those of you with pools, I'm sure you can feel my pain :).
My Grandmother is quite a Hoot when she's in a good mood..LOL..I'm hoping she will be surprised and that no one will spill the beans..I am lucky at my age to have a living GrandMother,
and while I appreciate that fact, I am also responsible for caring for her. She lives alone still..
but gave up driving a few years back after she had 2 accidents in 2 weeks and the second one , was when she had her SUV in reverse, hit the gas and smashed up my Sisters Van :)...So I take her to appts, etc. I don't mind this..but you never know what will come out of her mouth..LOL
She's the only almost 90 yr old that I've ever heard use the "F" word on a regular basis..:)
and she's very loud, She could NOT whisper if her life depended on it..LOL..So many times when we leave a Dr's office or other appt., I am red faced at something she said about someone in the office..
I admire my Grandmother very much..She lost both her children to Cancer. My Dad was only 49 when he passed, and my Aunt was 56 when she passed. I don't know if I could go on after losing my children, but this woman braves ahead everyday.
She called me one day and said " I'm sorry I'm not the Warm , fuzzy kinda of Grandma, but I do love you"...and that is about as tender as she knows how to get..So her words meant alot that day..
I guess what I'm saying is I want her Party to be special...At 90 yrs old, I appreciate every day I have left with her :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

"King Skelly" Flamed Box

Here is my newest creation..
The Skelly head is paperclay. He is attached to a wood box which I have painted with black metallic paint, then painted flames on all 4 sides..I LOVE flames..LOL
I have embellished the box top with red german glass glitter..The "crown" and wings are grunge board..I added a few red rhinestones in between the flames.
A great place to store your treasures!
You can find this piece on 'Arts a Flutter!