by Candace Navarrete

by Candace Navarrete

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Have I lost my Niche?

Some how over the last few years I seem to have lost my way with my art, at least that's how I feel. Oh yeah, I still create and plug along, but I am still trying to find that "fit"..I used to have it..LOL, and was very confidente about my work. When I was a dollmaker, this was never an issue. However, once I switched to being a clay artist, things changed. The proverbial "rug" got pulled out from under me a couple times 4 or 5 years ago...and to this day, I am still struggling to discover where I fit in.
 Some days I think it's just time to "retire", but then when you have the lust to create..what do you do with all the art? :)
Money issues and the terrible economy have also forced me to question myself..and I know many of us are stuggling right now, with 1 or both issues..It's tough to create when you can't afford to buy supplies...and even if you can..sales are slow.
On a plus hubs has just started working again after 4 years of  a forced maybe that will relieve some of my stress !
The shows I do are still going well..TG. As I get older and older,
setting up a whole booth by myself, has become taxing...but what are ya going to do..."The show must go on" :)
I still enjoy chatting with customers and show promoters, and yes, I will admitt, I still like showing off my work, things I have created with my own 2 hands..and watching the smiles my work generates on the faces of customers...
I don't know where I'm going with this....LOL
Thanks for reading my rantings :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Halloweens Queens Castle BOOtique update

My Pretty Witch..LOL
This beauty will be up for your consideration at the Castle BOOtique!, later today.
Click the link to check her out and please sure to visit the
wonderful work of all the Halloween Queens!

EHAG Emporium Update..."Porty Pumpkin"

Here's my latest offering for the Emporium.
This fellow is quite dashing as well as portly..:)..He even has a double chin! He was created using a dried gourd with clay attached for his face, hat and all the detail. Notice the leaves and vines around his hat. He was then painted, stained and sealed..
I used acrylic eyes imserted into the clay. I love his face!
Be sure to check out all the wonderful art on the EHAG Emporium!