by Candace Navarrete

by Candace Navarrete

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A New Week........

As most of you all know , last week was NOT one of my better weeks, to say the least!
However the wonderful thing about a new day is the chance to start over, to start fresh.
This week my attitude and Outlook is different. The course of Events last week still saddens me,
as I am a Libra whose symbol is the scales..Balance & Justice. But it's time to move on :)..
This week I've kept myself busy creating which is very soul soothing for me. I also re-did my website, added some new items, and am happy with the new colors, very uplifting :)..
I'm a firm believer that the saying "Everything Happens for A Reason" is true.
So I shall move forward, and not let last weeks ugliness marr my normaly positive outlook
on Life and everyday Living..


Chicken Lips said...

Candy - your new web site looks terrific! Love the colors, very classy. But then again, you're a classy lady!

HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Thank you David..You're a Gentleman and a Scholar :)